Buddy Warren, your Pad Shrink, helps to awaken your creativity through art, interior design and healthy living. 

What is Buddy Warren Inc?
Awakening creativity through art, interior design and healthy living.

Design Consultations

Need personalized help from an experienced interior designer? Consult with Buddy, your Pad Shrink, for one hour to get immediate design solutions to start your renovation or redecoration.

Visit Us at Buddy Warren Art and Design Coffee Saloon!

Celebrate design, creativity, and color at the Art and Design Coffee Saloon. Come have a cup of coffee with us in our design lair. Peruse our walls to see what's new in the New York City Art Scene. But most importantly, let the good vibes roll.

Buddy Warren Wednesday

A weekly 'hip tip' video is posted every Wednesday at 5pm EST. Watch, learn from and laugh with Buddy as he discusses a different topic every week. You can write to him on our Facebook page or comment under our YouTube channel's videos to request an upcoming topic you'd like him to cover.

Find Your Creativity: Inspiration!

Look to the blog for endless creative ideas and inspiration to start your next home DIY project.