Buddy is noted for blending styles to create an eclectic look. He says, "To be a great designer means taking someone else's dreams and making it come to life, even better than the client envisioned."

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Buddy Warren Home exclusively offers services by Buddy Warren, “Pad Shrink”

Buddy Warren Home's chief designer Buddy Warren, (The Pad Shrink), is a former cognitive-behavioral therapist who knows how to listen and develop his clients' ideas.

In 1994 when Soho was still burgeoning as an artistic and commercial haven, Buddy opened Cranberry Hole Road, the first antique shop/coffee bar in New York City. He painted an extravagant trompe l'oeil mosaic floor, which was soon to be a must see on Lafayette Street. The savvy and unusual array of furniture and decorative pieces attracted many famous faces, who traversed the premises and requested his services.

However, the trademark of his interior design philosophy is holism and this has wrought multiple projects, both residential and commercial. As a former cognitive-behavioral therapist, Buddy knows how to listen to and develop his clients’ ideas, incorporating both the beauty of form and function. His specialty is creating an eclectic and unique look by juxtaposing many styles into a sleek blend of elegance and utility. As designer/contractor on jobs, he brings his hands on approach to design and service to its richest definition.



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